This consortium was set up to bringing together different areas of expertise:

TTS Työtehoseura (Finland) is a well-known forest education and research institution. TTS’ aim for this project is to compare and bechmark training and technologies in which TTS has extensive experience. 

CTRL Reality (Finland) develops virtual and augmented reality applications for different purposes.

KOMAG is a state-owned research and development organization, subordinated to and supervised by the Ministry of State Assets. There are 152 employees, 105 of which are scientific research and technical specialists.

The KOMAG’s scope of activity includes scientific, research and development projects – at the national and European level – generally in the domain of innovation development. Research and commercial activity are focused on mechatronics, mechanization, new product developments, and IT services development, implementation and support. The range of carried out activities is very wide: minerals mining and processing; environment protection; work safety; air and ground surface protection; product testing and certifications; implementation of AR, VR, and multimedia resources in training processes; 3D printing; advanced FEM, MBS and CFD simulations.

In 2021 the Institute launched their own VR CENTRE with two VR sets can be used simultaneously (OCULUS and HTC VIVE). The Centre is used to test new solutions, as support for marketing activities, and as a virtual environment for technical design. KOMAG’s offer includes commercial services like design and/or testing (in own certified laboratories, on dedicated testing stands and at customer’s facilities) of devices, machines, systems and other as well as the development of ICT-based solutions for industry. KOMAG’s great advantage are specialists whose competencies are comprehensive and transferable to other branches of industry, which allows continuous tailoring of the Institute’s offer to market needs as well as participation in diverse projects.

In the over 70-year history of KOMAG, about 4,500 inventions were reported for protection, also patent protection. KOMAG has many years of experience in national and European projects as participant and as coordinator, and has own department responsible for projects’ administrative and financial issues.

A department directly involved in PraLe is Laboratory for Modelling Methods and Ergonomics. Their experiences cover among others: development of multimedia materials for training, informative and marketing purposes; development of IT tools; development of online training courses and repositories; carrying out of: pilot tests of project products, electronic surveys (creation of questionnaires, running the research, statistics, reports).

The departments’ hardware and (commercial) software and equipment includes among others: graphical software, 3D modelling tools, animation creators, video editing tools, equipment for video registration (including use green screen background), drone with video registration option, several VR sets, 3D printers.

FORMATION CAR AND BUS OPLEIDING (FCBO) is the main training institute for bus and coach drivers in Belgium. It was established under the umbrella of the sectoral Social Fund. The employers’ organization (FBAA) and the employees’ organizations (ACV and BTB) jointly determine policy. It constitutes the main training platform for, among other things, CODE 95 training for more than 11,000 trainees, by some 80 trainers, with more than 2,000 teaching days per year.

Its main objectives are:

  • Bringing effective and quality professional training for professional drivers within the framework of compulsory continuous training according to European regulations
  • Informing and advising Belgian bus and coach companies, on the various aspects of continuing training including training provision, organization and procedures.