Final Multiplier events in Belgium, Finland and Poland

Final Multiplier events in Belgium, Finland and Poland

The PraLe project will conclude with seminars in Finland, Belgium and Poland.

The PraLe project is about to culminate as it prepares to organise final seminars in three partner countries – Finland, Belgium and Poland. The seminars will present and discuss the results of the project, including the innovative tools and approaches developed for transport education.

Each seminar will present key project outputs such as the roadmap tool, progress on XR technology, testing of practical work tasks and the self-learning handbook. The events will provide an opportunity for project partners, stakeholders and the wider community to engage in meaningful discussions on the future of distance and e-learning in transport.

The dates and locations of the seminars are as follows:

Turku, Finland: 22.11.2023.

Vantaa, Finland: 29.11.2023.

Brussels, Belgium: 19.12.2023.

Gliwice, Poland: 6.12.2023.

The PraLe project has been a collaborative effort to develop transport education, especially in the face of pandemic challenges. The seminars will bring together experts, trainers and stakeholders to celebrate the achievements and discuss the lasting impact of the project on transport vocational training.


November 1, 2023


Belgium, Finland and Poland
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