The PraLe project successfully completed at the end of 2023

As the year draws to a close, PraLe is coming to a successful conclusion. After two years of dedicated effort and collaboration, the project is ready to conclude its activities by the end of 2023.

A journey of innovation and progress:

Since its start, the PraLe project has focused on developing materials to support remote learning for truck and bus drivers, with a particular focus on the use of modern technologies such as virtual reality, XR technology and 360 images and video. Over the years, the project has made progress in the development of the field, introducing innovative training tools and methods that has changed the way transport training is delivered.

Achievements and impacts:

From the successful implementation of pilot trials to the development of cutting-edge remote learning tools, the project has left a lasting impact on transport training. By providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs, PraLe has not only improved the quality of training, but also contributed to the overall safety and efficiency of transport operations.

Recognition of partners and collaborators:

The success of the PraLe project would not have been possible without the dedication and cooperation of partners and stakeholders. Each participant, from educational institutions to technology providers, has played a critical role in shaping the project’s results and ensuring its success. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has been crucial in driving the project forward and achieving its objectives.

As the PraLe project comes to an end, its legacy continues in the form of improved training methods and tools that can transform the transport sector. Although the project is drawing to a close, its impact will be felt for years to come as trainers and educators across the partner countries incorporate its results into their programmes.

As PraLe draws to a close, its participants can be proud that their work has helped shape the future of transport training and paved the way for a safer, more efficient and innovative sector.